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2017 Transparency Report and Year Review

As 2017 draws to a close it is with great pleasure and excitement that I can end the year with Profile's first (but not last) Transparency Report and Yearly Review. 


We popped up in a few places, we welcomed new faces to the extended Profile family, we travelled to origin, we created a Love is Love Blend to support the Yes Vote (booyah!) and we competed in some competitions,  but the biggest change for the year was a move toward sourcing coffee only from single producers. Whilst this did present some challenges, such as ruling out most of Africa, increasing the price paid for coffee and having to deal with an increased effect of variability in harvest times, it has provided us with a backbone and strategy behind our sourcing philosophy. Having a link to a single farmer with all our coffee is a long term vision that will allow us to build relationships with the farmers year on year and support them in the good times and bad. We are excited to see how coffee from each farmer changes year to year. We're excited to grow with them. We're excited to support small producers like ourselves and the cafes we supply. 


Inspired by Tim Wendlebow, below is a report of all coffee roasted during 2017. A few points to note revolved around the gradual change towards single producer coffee. With this change came increased information about the coffee and farmer, better prices paid to the farmer and increase quality. For 2018 our aim is to be able to communicate the price paid to the farmer for all coffees, have links to information on all farmers, and more comprehensive information around shipping, insurance, financing, logistics and production costs. Far from where we want it to be, but a start towards something great, and something that we hope will provide complete transparency behind all movements we make. 

Average price paid per kilo -$13.63
Average Cup score: 85.33
30/39 coffee purchased from single producers

Click here to view the report


I'd like to extend the greatest of thanks to the import partners we work with that have been ever so welcoming and understanding of my continued emails and phone calls asking for more and more information. In no particular order...

Hannah, Alex and Heath from Silo Coffee (gone but not forgotten). 

Carlos and Felipe from Cofinet. 

Hanna, Mel, Fleur, and Jason from Melbourne Coffee Merchants 

Craig, Mark, Miguel, and Carlos from Caravela. 

Marcelo and Marianna from Minas Hill. 

Joe and Julie from Cafe Imports Australia. 

A massive thank you to Anne Cooper from Equilibrium Master Roasters for helping us 'pimp our profiles'. 

To our close nit and quality focused wholesale family of baristas and cafe owners. Like all parts of the chain the day in day out work brewing and representing the hard work done up the chain is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

And of course to all the farmers and their families. Your hard work and resilience is beyond what most could imagine and I'm forever thankful for the constant commitment to quality. 


Whats happening in 2018? 

  • We're currently putting the final touches on a Roastery brew bar. Expect a launch of a never before seen concept around March. For real this time. Pinky promise. 
  • Origin trip to Central America. I will be back in Colombia visiting, learning and strengthening relationships with producers. Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador are also in the planning stages. Fingers crossed. 
  • Wholesale family. We'd love to grow our family by 3 - 5 accounts to help strengthen our relationship and buying quantities with the current producer family. If you are a cafe owner or head barista and interested in serving a high quality and traceable product, please get in touch. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who is a part of this journey whether you know it or not. The best is yet to come.

Happy New Year!


Zach Oakes 

Myself with Mr and Mrs Cifuentes who took out a casual 5th place in the Colombian COE. 

Myself with Mr and Mrs Cifuentes who took out a casual 5th place in the Colombian COE. 

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